About company

“OOO Gromtor” is a successful company which stands out for its reliable and high-quality products. The company is engaged in production and commissioning of systems of lightning protection and grounding.

High quality confirmed by consumers

Nobody can influence natural phenomena, but our company protects residential and industrial buildings from the destructive effects of lightning. We are constantly developing and improving. That is why we are a well-known brand company for the production of lightning protection elements not only in Belarus but also in Russia. Our rapid growth and quality of service are confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews, as well as awards, patents and certificates.

Our products

For the purpose of effective lightning protection it is necessary to use only high-quality materials and equipment. Organization “Gromtor” provides reliable equipment for all types of construction of the Belarusian-Polish production. Only in our company you can buy ready-made kits, separate items, galvanized metal-roll in a beneficial way. All that with proper installation ensure minimal risk of buildings and equipment damage.

There are a number of advantages that distinguish us from other companies:

Because of the rapid development, we offer cooperation to regional representatives in different countries, finding an approach to each area, helping to solve logistical challenges. We are open to cooperation with different organizations of all scales which carry out equipment installation. We ensure individual rewarding working conditions. To learn more contact us on the number given on the website.